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The world of work is changing continuously and fast. The idea that you could stick with one job for the rest of your working life has been left in the dust. The impact of change in the workplace means that you have to deal with work related cross-roads and transitions. Therefore, as a professional you WILL need guidance at each stage of your career.

We believe it is imperative that you identify your motivators and perspective to plot your career and your life career story. Very high career achievers are aligned with their motivators in the work place – with career anchors based on their motivators. Your motivators and perspective help you to know where you are headed, and work hard to realise your goals.

Samcara helps professionals at all levels. Our experienced team has built a number of tools and tests for you to go through and choose the best possible career path at the given point in your career. In addition, we help you prepare for that option.

We have over 150 years of total experience in the field of Counselling, Management, HR and Recruitment. By guiding professionals to the right career we help them stay motivated, focused and productive. We have conducted workshops for students from leading B-schools of the country.

What we do?

Online tools to help assess career interests, skills, working style, stress behaviour and other similar aspects.

Offline guidance and counselling that in conjunction with the online tools help you assess and explore your career.

We help you map and chart the way forward and also equip you with some tools and techniques to reach your destination.


Self Assessment

This section maps your ideals, standards and values. It assesses what motivates you to achieve. It also maps your interests and skills.

Career Discovery

This section starts you on your journey of career planning. It helps you map options, your model work environment and organization.


Here we will help you delineate your competencies as well as prepare you for a job interview.

Who will benefit?

Graduates and Post-graduate students undergoing professional courses.

3 out of 4 students in India are rejected as they don’t research the company they are applying to.

5 out of 6 MBA’s feel that they could have landed in better initial jobs had they got proper professional advice.

Professors and faculty members do their best to support but it requires specialized expertise, assessment tests and technological support.

Mid Career Professionals

Our research shows 4 out of 5 professionals in India feel that they have made the wrong career choice.

Research shows 86% of jobs are not advertised and are filled through network.

9 out of 10 professionals feel the need for career counseling.

Past Success

300 +


Number of participants counselled


Successful Interventions

The Interventions met participants expectations


Successful Learnings

Participants learnings from the interventions

Our Clients

What clients say

"A helpful intervention that will help me choose the right career path"

"Thank you for helping me learn more about myself"

"This workshop exceeded my expectations. It helped me know a little more about myself. The trainers helped me get a new perspective over my thinking on certain aspects. My thinking has broadend with so many different inputs from my fellow classmates as well as the trainers"

Who we are?

Samcara is founded by IIM Ahmedabad and Harvard Alumni.

The founders have over 150 years of total experience in the field of Management, HR and Recruitment.

We've been serving as industry experts in the field of HR Management, Leadership, Executive selection, Recruitment, Consultancy & Training and have guided thousands of professionals to the right career and helped our industry partners with a clear picture of employee-vision.


Arvind Dev:

Leading SSJ Solutions for the last 20 years, he is an IIM Ahmedabad alumnus. An entrepreneur, an ex-banker with deep experience of BFSI, IT/ITES Industries he has HR, Management, Organisational, Consultancy & Entrepreneurship skills. He has won many a golf tournament.

Maj Gen T P Singh (Retd):

Having served in the Army for 35 years and for the last 25 years in setting up and running SSJ Solutions, he possesses immense HRM,Leadership, Executive Selection and Recruitment knowledge. Well aware of the various nuances of selection and interview processes, he is an integral part of the Samcara team.

Dr Jayant Mukherjee:

A PhD from IIM Ahmedabad and an IIT-BHU alumnus, he has more than two decades of rich and varied experience in the fields of Consultancy, Teaching, Training, Research, and Content Development at various leading institutes and organizations. He is a mentor to CXOs in small and big organizations and an executive coach to leaders. He is fond of animals and has two pets: a dog and a cat. He is an author too.

Dr V S Sisodia:

An ex-top bureaucrat, Harvard alumnus and ISABS professional member, he's an expert in Sensitivity Training, Personality Development and OD. Having worked with institutes like UCLA, COD, Poddar, IMT, he advises Samcara on Management, HR Consultancy & Training.

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