Far too often have we seen MBA professionals make the wrong career choices based on insights or advice given by friends, family members and/or seniors of their institute. For taking such an important decision little regard is paid to their own needs, desires, motivators, and strengths. There is little wonder therefore that most such professionals end up feeling that they have made a wrong career choice. They feel stressed, de-motivated and unable to contribute to their potential. There is therefore a requirement for a specialized and systematic approach for career assessment, counseling and guidance based on which MBA students and professionals find an appropriate career path.

Samcara has accordingly designed career assessment, counseling and guidance interventions and program to address the aforementioned need for MBA students.


Samcara offers online assessments, offline interventions and face-to-face interactions to help you with your Career Mapping, Counselling and Guidance. IIM Ahmedabad and Harvard alumni with decades of experience will counsel you.

It will help you become:

More knowledgeable about yourself

Aware of your strengths and how to project them

In addition, you will:

Have a well thought out and drafted resume

Be prepared for interviews

Know how to network to reach your career goals


YES, if
You are an MBA student and your college does not provide specialized career counseling and support services
You will benefit more if you avail of our counseling and guidance services in the first year of your doing your MBA and before you go in for your summer internship


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